[GOLF PEBBLE] Golf For Beginners — Y REVIEW ME

Guide to Learn to Play Golf For Beginners Playing golf like a master does takes time, hence here is a short guide to learn to play golf for beginners. For beginners, golf may seem complicated. You need to overcome all the daunting elements that may have kept you from entering it so far and fully […]

[GOLF PEBBLE] Golf For Beginners — Y REVIEW ME

The Sports Archives – How You Can Play Golf At Home — The Sports Archives Blog

Playing golf may seem like a daunting task to a beginner, with different kinds of golf clubs and so many rules. But learning how to play golf is not as difficult as it seems. Though golf is a seasonal game and the winter is not the best time to play or practice golf, you can […]

The Sports Archives – How You Can Play Golf At Home — The Sports Archives Blog

Golfing — Lea’s L’s: Listen.Learn.Live.Love.

I love trying and learning new things, so I was very excited when my school told us, that we would learn golfing at our team building day. It’s always good to learn something new and keeping your brain fit. Golfing is about shooting the ball in the hole with as less shots as possible. But […]

Golfing — Lea’s L’s: Listen.Learn.Live.Love.